HappyFluffy Adam - Handwoven Diamond Weave


Handwoven wrap made from 100% organic cotton and organically dyed yarn with colour shades from Raven black to Deep Ultramarine blue. 

Diamond weave with weight of about 230 - 250 gsm

We have a dream...
To help other people, especially young generation & unfortunate women living in poverty, to be self-sufficient, to be able to provide to their families, to do what they love & good at, WEAVING.

We are lucky to find and working with an NGO & weaving school based in Central India, that focuses on developing weavers, especially young ladies, to have knowledge & weaving skills, be innotive & entrepreneurial in global market. They also aim to preserve and transform the art of handloom and empower weaving communities to improve and sustain their future and livelihood. The school is quite new and still in prototype phase. Funding is always a big uncertainty to them.

As a client, what we do is allowing the students to materialize our handwoven wrap ideas and we pay directly to the school for the raw material & a lump sum fee to the specific students who will weave our wraps using handlooms.

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