BabyWrap Happy Fluffy Haiqal

RM190.00 Happy Fluffy Haiqal

100% cotton

Herringbone weave handwoven

Designed in Malaysia

Haiqal, a vibrant jewel tone coloured wrap, gradation of raspberry to imperial blue to capri & maui blue. The wrap is medium thin with about 220 gsm loomstate and 250-260 gsm postwash. It will arrive to you in loomstate and the first wash will help to set the weave and ready to be used.

The wrap has a good glide and stretch that makes it suitable for newborn & small baby. The medium thickness and some cush that the wrap provides makes it a great wrap for toddler too in multilayer carry.

The different rails colours aim to assist those who are new to wrapping, to make it easier to recognize top & bottom rail while wrapping. 😊

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