Rental Terms & Conditions

Thank you for renting with Happy Fluffy, where we aim to make baby carriers accessible to all. Below are the terms & condition of our service. Please have a read before checking out your rental order. 

  • Rental charges, cleaning fees, and postage back to us will be deducted from the deposit. The balance, if any, will be refunded when item is returned in original condition.

  • There will be a penalty charged for late returns and damages respectively. 
    • Late returns will be charged RM1 per day, referencing renter's PosLaju delivery slip.
    • Minimal damages will be charged a minimum of RM5, depending on the severity. We reserve the right to charge more as we see fit. If there are irreparable damages to the carrier, your deposit is automatically defaulted. You will not be refunded your deposit. Please respect and take care of the carrier as if it was your own
  • Some criteria while renting the carrier include: 
    • Non-smoking household
    • No perfume
    • No pets
    • No cooking while using the carrier
    • Please do not wash the carrier. Should you need to clean it, please contact Happy Fluffy for instructions.