HappyFluffy Anna

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HappyFluffy Anna

An optimistic, energetic and the most caring person you'll ever meet. That's the spirit we would like to bring in this wrap. You may have watched 'Frozen' more than you are willing to 😝, and for me, Anna is my favorite! (Ok maybe a tie with Olaf ⛄️💙). Bringing you the twist of sisters love overcoming the odds.

The wrap design colours are inspired by Anna's dress during winter with a combination of Dazzling Blue & Festival Fuchsia weft on a Black warp. This wrap is handwoven with the new weave developed with The Handloom School weaver. The yarn is made from organic cotton, will be handdyed with 100% natural dye (so please expect some variation of dye colours) and handloomed.

There are very limited wraps available.

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